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Do you want to join the Bedouins of Freedom? leave your contacts to receive detailed information.

Thank you for your interest!

Watch out videos below to learn about Bedouins of Freedom

To camp in this environment, while setting up and offering what Bedouins of Freedom has to offer to the Black Rock City citizens, takes a certain amount of elbow grease from everyone in camp. Bedouins of Freedom works if everyone contributes to the vision. 

We do this all together, and make this  little festival activity creative zone style stage happen within the city limits. It takes a pretty big camp to do this, so we invite a lot of folks. We want everyone to be responsible and autonomous for their own success and participation in camp, while contributing to the bar shifts, activity participation, and the set up and tear down of the camp itself. You aren't done until the camp is done together. 

You can choose when you want to contribution and what type of participation you want to do with us. We love activity leads! But you can't simply pay your dues. It's not that kind of camp. 

We ask everyone to commit to 4 x 4-hour short shifts. There are four types to choose from:
1. Help with build (August 21- August __).
2. Help with leaving no trace during and after the event to our camp clean (Every Day)
3. Help with activities we provide the entire city. We have a tequila bar! 
4. Help pitching in with MOOP'ing  and later strike and storage, from packing the trailer and hauling your own and maybe a little extra trash. 

If you want to get involved and see what our Bedouins of Freedom is all about, then apply and we'd love to meet.

Presentation Bedouins of Freedom

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